Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 92: Luigi's Italian Ristorante

DuBois. Here it's pronunced "Dew Boys" which confused me at first. We're here to try out another Italian restaurant that isn't Bettinas.

If you park next to the building, it'll run you 25 cents an hour. Although rumor has it there's free parking across the street, but you'd have to cross the potentially busy traffic to save money, so be careful if that's your plan.

Getting the feeling the Luigi's building started out as a department store or something else.

I'm guessing Italian restaurants want to play up the whole family aspect, which means having lots of pictures on the wall, even if they're of celebrities you don't know or even movie posters.

Tucking into a calzone. The chef was nice enough to come by the table.

Final thoughts: while certainly a nice place, I'm not sure we'll be schlepping all the way to DuBois for Italian food. I think Bettina's still comes out ahead. And we're even close to another Italian restaurant, Sweet Basil, that we haven't been to in months. We were driving back home when we saw someone who's definitely ready for winter!

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