Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 70: Lunch Drive Around Western Pennsylvania

It's always a nice time to have Italian food, which is strange because we're really close to one Italian restaurant that we really don't go to. So it's over to Marienville and Bettina's Italian Restaurant.

We arrived right after the lunch rush.

We wanted some kind of dessert, but didn't really want it from Bettina's. We hit the road and drove down to Kalyumet Fore Fun. A while back we got some ice cream from here. But on arriving, we didn't feel the ice cream vibe, although I did like their trucking simulator.

So who has the best ice cream. Okay, really who is one of the only places that has ice cream. Here it's only Dairy Queen and McDonalds, and we thought Dairy Queen had better ice cream.

Inside, the menus are on the sides of the wall and not against the back behind the register. After a couple of mini Blizzards, we were ready to return home after our drive around.

I had an M&M Blizzard, but should've got that Jurassic Chomp.

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