Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 92: Luigi's Italian Ristorante

DuBois. Here it's pronunced "Dew Boys" which confused me at first. We're here to try out another Italian restaurant that isn't Bettinas.

If you park next to the building, it'll run you 25 cents an hour. Although rumor has it there's free parking across the street, but you'd have to cross the potentially busy traffic to save money, so be careful if that's your plan.

Getting the feeling the Luigi's building started out as a department store or something else.

I'm guessing Italian restaurants want to play up the whole family aspect, which means having lots of pictures on the wall, even if they're of celebrities you don't know or even movie posters.

Tucking into a calzone. The chef was nice enough to come by the table.

Final thoughts: while certainly a nice place, I'm not sure we'll be schlepping all the way to DuBois for Italian food. I think Bettina's still comes out ahead. And we're even close to another Italian restaurant, Sweet Basil, that we haven't been to in months. We were driving back home when we saw someone who's definitely ready for winter!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 84: Heinz History Center

There's nothing quite like a big city. Okay, maybe not like a HUGE city like what we experienced with Atlanta and Houston, but Pittsburgh is certainly much larger than the locations we typically park the RV and drive around. We had to circle quite a few times, looking at parking lots that were seemingly off limits. Man, where do people park around here?

Finally we found a parking garage that had the steepest entrance I've ever seen for a garage. He had to get our ticket on an incline and then power up the rest of the way.

Sandwich board outside of the Heinz History Museum.

Senator John Heinz was a U.S. senator from 1976 until his death in 1991.
Inside the museum you can have a look at some interesting vehicles related to Pittsburgh.

Enjoying a ride in the lobby. It wasn't really that scary.

First in the museum we checked out the history of the Heinz company.

From the Heinz exhibit over to the fourth floor to see the Mister Rogers Neighborhood exhibit.

Fred Rogers would also take off his suit jacket and put on a comfy sweater, a green one of which is on display here.
Along with Mister Rogers are some of the citizens of the Land of Make Believe, including King Friday XII and his subjects.

Behind the exhibit were

That was our experience at the Heinz History Museum. Had the privilege of learning more about Pittsburgh's history and also about Mister Rodgers Neighborhood as well.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 74-79: Sherman Memorial Lighthouse and other stuff

The weather goes from upper 80s to rain, sometimes at the same time. We've been enjoying our stay in Shippenville, but have been taking some drives here and there. Went to the Sherman Memorial Lighthouse, which isn't really anywhere nearby a large body of water, but it looks cool!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 72-73: Why Is It So Difficult To Get A Haircut?!

For a few days now, we've been driving around trying to find some place -- ANYPLACE -- that would give a haircut. So Friday, we visited that one place in the dirty AMC theater. So when even they said they were booked up for the day, we made an appointment for the next day at 1pm. The next day we arrived a few minutes early and we managed to get everything taken care of. To celebrate, we went back to Bettina's before they close from August 6th to 13th. Then we went to Dairy Queen for a Jurassic Chomp Blizzard.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer 2018 - Day 71: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

OHIO! Part2

Korea(n) House: 4149, 3700 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Our second trip to Cleveland, Ohio. The first one was to see the A Christmas Story House. Today it's to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We started out early, thanks (I guess) to Buddy who has been waking us up early recently. We stopped at the Jiffy gas station to get some wake up snacks, and made the journey over from Pennsylvania to Ohio.

When we arrived at 10:58, we actually couldn't find the entrance. There were some doors on the side and metal shutters on the front under an awning, but no way to really get inside.

Tasty feesh stew and dak gui with extra rice.

The only thing is the couple who was sitting across from us got offered more 반찬 and we didn't, so we felt a bit excluded. After all, we'd like some more kimchi and potatoes. That's all right, I think we're done with visits to Cleveland.

Learning that parking at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was paid, we drove around looking for the Science Center that has a $2 off validation. But we really couldn't find it after driving down one street and not finding anything. So we just paid $10 for 3.5 hours.

We did a bit of driving trying to find the best place to park. We settled on a parking spot where we could pay $10 to stay 3.5 hours. The front court of the building is swarming with people even on a Wednesday afternoon, and somewhere someone's playing music.
We get closer to the glass building

Inside there's the mirrored Trabant and hot dog spotlights from U2's ZooTV tour. There's noise and not much direction of where to go.
The Hall of Fame, while it stands six storeys high, actually has seven levels. The lower level has this awning from legendary New York music spot CBGBs.

Starting with the blues, the Hall of Fame begins telling the story of how rock came to be.

The great thing about the Hall of Fame is you can listen to the music of those who are featured.

Featured in a big way is the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley. Tons of people were sitting in this area watching the short film about him.

Also a legend in rock & roll, Jimi Hendrix.

The Doors



ZZ Top
But the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn't just have rock. It's branching out into rap as well.

Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Sean "P-Diddy" Combs


Michael Jackson

Guns 'N' Roses


Pinball Exhibit. Just scan your wristband and get a couple of tokens to play!

Peter Criss drums next to the KISS pinball machine in the pinball exhibit.

The Architects of Rock & Roll Exhibit

Geddy Lee's Hybrid Bass made from parts from other instruments.

Near the top I think on the fourth floor are those new inductees from 2018: Bon Jovi, The Cars,

Levels 5 and 6 are devoted to music and TV, including shows like American Bandstand, Soul Train, Shindig and other shows that featured rock and R&B groups.

The last thing we did before leaving was watching the Power of Rock presentation in a theater on the fourth floor. The short film shown every 30 minutes shows performances from past induction ceremonies at the Hall of Fame.

After around 3 hours, our feet were killing us from walking and climbing around this huge building. we took the escallators down to the gift shop, picked up some postcards and a pin and it's back to the car and a long drive back from Ohio to Pennsylvania.