Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 2 - The Redemption of Applebee's and THE ARRIVAL

This morning was so quiet, so still and restful around the sunny RV park. I strolled from the dumpster to the front office where the owners sat at long, white folding tables making fluffy popcorn in a large square machine, shoveling scoops into paper bags for all the new arrivals coming today. "New arrivals," I think, and shudder.

I don't remember why we found Applebee's a lackluster experience last time. There was just something where if we saw an Applebee's it was just a cold solid *meh* from the two of us, lacking in both excitement and appetitization. (Is that even a word? No? It is now!) Maybe enough time had passed for us to give Applebee's another shot.

I have to say, the Applebee's experience this time around was pretty good! The fish and chips and BBQ tacos were excellent and the staff were courteous and attentive. I do believe Applebee's has some new regulars!

We needed some more items, so back to Wally World, running into those picking up foodstuffs and grilling implements. Whilst there we found out something strange. Walmart Pharmacy might not always remember your prescriptions, so keep bottles and paper prescriptions handy just in case you need something again in the future.

We return to the RV park, settling in as the sun began its decent on a quiet Friday afternoon. Except... it wasn't so quiet anymore. Once empty RVs now had vehicles parked in front. Neighbors to the left were banging on their old wooden porch with a hammer. Neighbor to the right was reprimanding his son. Then in the woods behind us, the screams of an indeterminate amount of children reenacting their own version of Lord of the Flies. It was like a cash prize was being offered to the loudest individual in the entire park. Begun, the Memorial Day Weekend has.

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