Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 54 - Prepairing for Rain

So we've managed to get a few things done in this area. Not bad! But the halfway point to our stay is upon us, and to boot it's rainy for a couple days. So we have to get prepared. Ooh, a call from Umansky! Is the car fixed? No... they want to buy it used and then sell us a new car... What?

We do some work while the wind picks up outside. The storm is coming! We decide to head into town and get some supplies. Perhaps the worst news, they didn't have any mini-cans of Coca-Cola, so we got two cases of mini-Sprite instead, plus some of those mini Pepsi's made with real sugar. We came back in and got the bed ready. Cats love electric blankets!

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