Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 47 - Oriental Market Crawl in C'Ville

The rain beat on the roof the RV. Is that thunder in the distance at 3:00 in the morning, or a dumpster being emptied? It's hard when you can't sleep, then you finally get to sleep at 6:00 am only to wake up at 11:30. But the rain had stopped and we went for lunch at the Depot Grille in Staunton while discussing future plans while in this section of the U.S.

Since we're going to be doing some driving, we need some tasty road snacks. But grocery store snacks aren't all that fun. So since we had the afternoon open, we decided to travel to C'Ville and check out a couple of their Oriental Markets. 

The C'Ville Oriental store. We noticed the Chinese characters above the store name. Inside, most of the items were indeed Chinese. That's not a bad thing, but most of the items we like are Korean and Japanese snacks. After not finding much of what we wanted, we stepped out without buying anything.

Next was the Asian Market, Oriental Food & Grocery Store. Like C'Ville Oriental, the store also had quite a selection of Chinese groceries, but it had a few other things that the other store didn't have. So after filling a handcart with some snacks, we brought our loot back to the RV.

Looking out the window to the RV of the clogging children, I just realized the Y and the H on the logo are the exact same letter, just turned upside down.

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