Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 45 - All Quiet on the Waynesboro Front

Though the thumping of clogging young children punctuated Friday night, this Saturday was quiet due to the fact our neighbors had departed earlier this morning. However, a staff person knocked on our door after he did something to our electrical post. After inspecting outside, I also noticed they moved our sewer hose to the space underneath the RV. I don't anyone other than us has touched that thing before.
But it's such a nice day, seems a shame to just be in all day. So we decided to head out to nowhere in particular just to see the beautiful Virginia countryside on a warm day.

After driving a bit, we took a chance that a BP would have some Apple Mentos. Unfortunately our dreams were crushed, but we did appreciate their entrance sign.

We tried a nearby competitor, but they, too, could not deliver the goods. They did have a variety of eCigarettes as well as fidget spinners if you need them. 
Indeed a nice day to be out and about. But it was time to go shopping since the weather is going to be not so nice in the coming days. We picked up our supplies, delivered them back to the RV and thought about going out again, but it was just so nice and cool with the RV air conditioner that we called it off. But it was nice to see more of Virginia on a day you're more likely to sweat than to freeze!

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