Thursday, April 12, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 43 - The Depot Grille, Staunton, Virginia

Morning has arisen in Waynesboro, Virginia... Boom, boom, boom. I scratch Zooey cat at my legs. The noise repeats. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. We are hearing the two young children in the RV next to us. I do not know how they are finding room to run around, but they are doing so and we can hear it from across the spot. I realize there will be no more sleep. I look down; Zooey's fur is messed up.

Staunton, Virginia is a town that's not all that far from Waynesboro. We drive through picturesque, almost stereotypical farmland with red barns standing far from the road. We drive past buildings with faded Coca-Cola adverts painted on them, though small towns long past their prime. Eventually we make it to the town of Staunton and look around for The Depot Grille.

The Depot Grille really follows the train theme. Their booths are benches from old railway stations. Metal signs and train tickets are the decor. Even the floors seem to be old, reclaimed wood. Definitely great atmosphere! We have the fish & chips and fajita burrito with a death by chocolate cake.

As if the interior wasn't enough, they have two cabooses in the parking lot. If you like trains but can't take a trip anytime soon, make tracks to The Depot Grille and get awesome food and interesting railway surroundings.

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