Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 42 - DRIVING DAY: Pocahontas State Park, VA to Waynesboro, VA

Leaving Pocahontas State Park to take a break from traveling at the next location.
Starting milage: 76930.7 = Ending milage: 77045.5 = Total distance driven: 114.8 miles

The Rival teakettle from Walmart functions no more. Pressing down the rounded clear tab on the base of the handle produces no light nor warmth. At least this one lasted longer than the last silver teakettle we had. I guess we have our first project in Waynesboro, VA: to find a new teakettle!

Farewell Space 63. It was nice to be able to successfully level the RV amongst the trees. We pull the RV into the road where luckily no cars passed by while hooking up the toad. Driving to the dump station, however, our luck ran out.

Crudballs, not again! We thought the park was more or less empty. Oh well, just a short wait. We even had two more RVs line up behind us, so a few people seem to be leaving Pocahontas State Park this morning.
The drive was fairly uneventful, although we started out needing gas pretty badly and I missed the Citgo on the righthand side. We drove until we could find an Exxon station. We had to strategize how we could get the RV by a pump and still manage to exit. 29.402 gallons / $2.499 = $73.48

Back on the road, there were about three of those hills where you have to stay in the right lane and just grind up the hill at a slow pace. We noticed a bee perched on the windshield wiper hitching a ride. Finally we found our next spot. Stepping out to recon the spot, our neighbor gathered up chairs that were around his picnic table, apologizing for the accumulation of stuff. The spread out electrical, sewer and water threw us for a loop, but we managed to get them all to reach, and only needed leveling on one side.

So here we are at our new place. All we have to do now is replace the teakettle and read through about four pages of rules from the RV park regarding space heaters and other things. After making food and washing hair, it's time to explore our surroundings, i.e. Walmart. We're replacing things that will enevitably wear out.

We thought the teakettle would be smaller than our previous one, but when we pull it from the box, except for the "Rival" decal on the side, it's pretty much the exact same teakettle we had before. I'm sure I'm gonna forget we even bought a new teakettle pretty soon. We made an inaugural run with some genmai tea and white chocolate Kit-Kat bits.

And I think the cats were happy with their new scratchpad. You should've seen what they did to the last one. It would give you the shakes! Just utterly destroyed. They're cute, but remember they have claws!

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