Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 41 - Devious at CVS

Went back to Wasabi for lunch, just in time to get the lunch special. We went to CVS afterwards to get things we needed.

Looking through the first aid aisle, I'm reminded how important it is to watch both your choice of font and kerning, as this Calendula Burn medicine looks more like Bum medicine.

And with that, our week in Pocahontas State Park is at an end. Really enjoyed the forest and the scenery, the wide spaces between the RVs and tents. It's just the lack of sewer and cold weather may have put a slight damper on things. When it's been this cold, it's especially a bummer when the Rival teakettle finally stops working after three years. Looks like something else that needs replacing.

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