Monday, April 9, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 40 - Supply and Demand

Another cold morning greeted us, so it felt like a good day to head out and get some food. Searching the webernets we surprisingly found a Korean restaurant that we didn't have to go to Richmond for: Ye Won Korean BBQ Restaurant.

It was around the lunch rush, so getting served took a bit longer. Afterwards we asked if there was a Korean market around, and we were told about the new Grand Mart where we picked up some supplies.

Still needing a few things, found a Walmart Neighborhood Market on the way back. They also have a Walmart gas station as well.
Getting half a tank because of the upcoming move, we were ready to head back where we could turn on the heater. Unfortunately the Rival teakettle decided to stop working...Looks like we have something to purchase later on in Waynesboro. First the heating blanket slowing down and now the heating kettle. This fight against winter weather, even now in April, is taking its toll on us and our heating items.

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