Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 38 - Mount Vernon

The bwakkat was reeeeealy rambunctious this morning, tail whipping people and running around. There's nothing like needing to get sleep to ensure that you won't get hardly any. And when 8:00 am came around, we were feeling rather tired before even getting out of bed. But we were determined to make the 100-plus mile drive north.
Plus on top of being exhausted already, the weather was cold and rainy. We'd have to be careful making the drive north on the 95.
Finally after two hours of driving, which included snow flurries, we arrived at Mount Vernon. 
After a security check, we were happy to get inside and out from the cold weather. The temperature was reading 42 degrees but feels like 36.
As nice as being indoors was, it was time to visit Mount Vernon itself, which necessitated a walk around the premises until we got to the main Mansion itself.

We were a bit early to get to the 11:40 am tour. So we looked around the area a bit while we were waiting. It seemed like the tours started every five minutes or so. The lady had to keep reminding people not to stand in the way of other people.

To the left is the Greenhouse where the flowers and plants didn't seem to be doing particularly robustly in the colder weather.

Soon they called the 11:40 tour, so we had to stand in line in front of the Mansion. Kids around us were getting restless and their parents upset as we heard whispered threats fore and aft. Our guide came along to begin the tour, also telling us there's absolutely no photography of any kind inside the actual mansion.

After the tour was over, we were free to wander the grounds and check out the backyard leading to the Potomac River. We went to the Icehouse that overlooked the Potomac.

We also walked by the goat and sheep pen while walking to the restaurant.

Located in the back of the gift shoppe that had the small $35 kitty painting was the Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant where we could get some warm tomato bisque, French toast and an omelete.

We really liked having a bit of a rest in the restaurant for a while. We waited until after 2:00 to go watch the intro movie in the main entrance.

Back out into the cold for a walk to the next location.

A walk from the Mount Vernon Mansion led us to the grave enclosure of George and Martha.

At 3:00, a director from Mount Vernon gave a dedication to the graves of the Washingtons, opening the metal bars and allowing two veterans to place the wreath between the two.

And so after that, you'd think we would end our day at Mount Vernon after being in the cold. But there was one more thing we wanted to see. Just one more! We walked through the museum disappointed. Then we walked to the education center where we finally found the thing we were looking for so we could return to the car for our return two-hour car ride.

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