Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 36 - St. John's Church / Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Getting into Richmond, we were running a bit behind the deadline for the tour. There were a few turns made, but we made it to St. John's Church with a few minutes to spare.

We searched the grounds to get tickets for the tour, only to find out due to low turnout there's only one tour guide and the next tour was in 30 minutes. Oh well, time to take some pictures around the church.

One of the notable gravesites on the premises is for Elizabeth Arnold Poe, the mother of Edgar Allan Poe.

Outside of the church grounds you get a nice view of Richmond, Virginia.

Another notable gravesite is the one for George Wynne, the first professor of law in the United States and first Virginian to sign the Declaration of Independence.

While having a seat and waiting for our tour, we caught something from the corner of our eye...

When our tour guide, Ray, appeared, we reluctantly said good bye to Tigger and walked up to the church building.

Ray unlocked the building, allowing us inside. While Ray orated the history of St. John's, we got some photos of the stained glass and other decor.
    St. John's was the location of the Second Virginia Convention in 1775 where Patrick Henry gave his famous speech concluding with, "Give me liberty or give me death." After the amazing history given to us from our guide, we left to find Patrick Henry's Pub. Fish & chips and nachos!

Walking to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, we stopped by the marker commemorating the British Invasion of Richmond.

Also there was a glassed in pane of glass that has a portion of Patrick Henry's famous speech.

Our next stop was down a hill, so we found a path that we hoped would take us there.

We kept seeing these little blue compasses on the ground stating Richmond Liberty Trail.

And at the base of the long walk downhill was the Edgar Allan Poe Museum.

This stone house is the oldest house still standing in Richmond. Built in 1737 and eventually being trusted to the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation in 1924.

This staircase was used in Poe's childhood home and has been incorporated in this new building.

The bust of Poe at the shrine.

But we happened to see something out of the corner of our eye walking from the shrine in the Enchanted Garden.

Edgar the black cat lives on the premises with fellow cat Pluto. Glad we got to check him out while he was sunning!

With our trip completed, we found a street leading back to the car, but it was an uphill exercise. We drove out of Richmond and found a gas station we needed to fill the nearly empty car.

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