Wednesday, April 11, 2018

RV PARK #7: Pocahontas State Park: April 4-11, 2018

Pocahontas State Park is a very lovely park with plenty of space between spots for RVs and tenters. Though it doesn't have any sites with a sewer connection (unless you're the camp host), they do have a dump station available. The only thing is the weather was unnaturally cold this April, keeping us inside most of the time we were at the park.

If these photos look a bit on the dim side, it's because the cold weather kept us inside when we should've been walking around this beautiful park, so I took photos the very last evening before we headed out to the next location.

Pocahontas doesn't have a sewer system, though it does have a dump station if you can hold off until leaving, or you can drag your portable Thetford or Blue Boy to the station. State parks usually won't let visitors stay more than two weeks. I checked out the shower house and it seemed to be nice although I didn't personally use the showers there.

So that was Park #7, the Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, Virginia. State parks are great! Can't wait until we can stay at another one, hopefully with nicer weather.

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