Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 61 - Natural Bridge State Park

This is the Natural Bridge State Park in Rockbridge County, Virginia. It is an amazing path filled with not only the natural bridge itself, but a replica of the Monacan settlement and the Lace Waterfall. Unfortunately the SanDisk SD card erased all the photos of the trip, leaving only a cellphone picture to tell the story of our amazing trip.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 60 - Sleepeh Day

After last week with the Luray Caverns, the car breaking down, Montpelier, the Purple Cow, and lastly seeing the Frontier Culture Museum, we thought it would be a good time to relax at the campsite, do some work, take care of chores, etc. The cats slept most of the day when they weren't eating. That is all.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 59 - The Frontier Culture Museum

Frontier Culture Museum
1290 Richmond Avenue, Staunton, Virginia 24401

The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia, is an open air museum where villages from the 1600s to the 1800s are the exhibits. Walk through villages and towns from Africa, England, Ireland, and the early years of the United States.
Goats!!! (I think...)

The first place on our path was the African Village.

Next we left the African village for the next site.

Here we have an English farm from the 1600s.

One cool thing is you can walk into a lot of the buildings and see what life was like there. Like this lady who was working with some freshly shorn wool.

From the 1600s English farm, we take to the trail again to the next location.

 Up ahead on the path we spot an Irish forge.

Followed by the forge is an 1700s Irish farm

We have a look inside the dim and cool Irish farmhouse.
Kitty! Kitty!

With the best part of the visit over, we walk on the path to the next site.

In the distance, the buildings of a 1700s German farm.

Away from the German farm, it's on to other towns.

And now after visiting the other areas, it's time to head to the early United States.
The first location was the Ganatastwi village.

Then a 1740s farm. A log cabin with mud and straw in between the beams. A small chicken coop in the back.

As you walk from the 1740s place, you see a wide open space in the clearing.

Like other buildings at the museum, you can enter and even go upstairs on some farmhouses.

It wouldn't be a real farm if there weren't farm animals on the property, and the museum certainly has those as well. We've seen ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, and other farm animals roaming the grounds.

So if you want to travel in time, across land, and across cultures, be sure to visit the Frontier Cultural Museum in Staunton, Virginia. You can visit the cultures, villages and towns that had a great influence on the early years of the United States.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 58 - The Purple Cow Ice Cream Parlor

On Route 340, a strange scene dominates a hillside in a rural area: a purple cow's head eerily watching as you drive along your merry way.

Pull up on the gravel and you'll see a sight much like a retro gas station, only no petrol is purchased here. Instead you have a display of dessert delights.

Inside choose from ice cream, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, pepperoni rolls.

I've read on Roadside America that the owner lives in this bus. A young boy was trying to push his way through the folding bus door. We sat at a table in the shade and had java and dr. brownie scoops of ice cream. This place is pretty neat. We'll have to stop by at least one more time before heading off again!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 57 - James Madison's Montpelier

President James Madison was the fourth U.S. President after Washington, Adams and Jefferson from 1809 through 1817. His home is here in Virginia among a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We drive up on a long stretch of road until we finally get a glimpse in the distance of the actual building.

There are quite a few walking paths around Montpelier if you'd like to go on a hike, anything from smaller walks to 3.5 mile walks around the property. We took a path that led us to the front of the building itself.

Here's a view from the front steps looking past the gate to the Blue Ridge Mountains beyond.

The building has gone through a number of revisions and wing additions though it's life.

Unfortunately Montpelier is under a strict no photography rule, meaning the exterior is the only part we could get pictures of. The door partially seen in the right was the original entrance. Then as more wings were added, the other two doors appeared as well. The Garden Building

The grounds are seemingly enormous and great to walk around.

I'm pretty sure they need a riding mower for this kind of work!

Heading to the car through the Visitors Center.

Tesla chargers in the parking lot.

Finding the Silk Mill Grille for some fish and chips and taco salad and chocolate moose cake.
Coming back from eating at the Silk Mill Grille, we went back to Montpelier. The front gate again had notifications to drive to the Visitors Center.

The Madison Family Cemetery was closed off by a short metal fence that wasn't locked. Since there was no sign saying we couldn't go in, we opened the short gate and went inside.

In the corner roped off by a chain are the gravesites for James and Dolley Madison.

And that marked the end of our first successful trip with the repaired car!