Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 26 - Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - Ocracoke - The Outer Banks

We got up, having our juice and preparing for our long day on the Outer Banks. Packing the daybag full of snacks, we took to the roads leading out over the water.  Our first stop was the Cape Hatteras Light Station.

Even though it was a cold Monday, there were still a lot of people walking around the lighthouse. It took patience to get those shots with nobody in them.

Leaving Cape Hatteras, we were feeling rather hungry. No worries, we thought. After all, this is a resort island filled with great places to eat...

This is The Buxton Munch Co. It's been open for 19 years, except today.

Here is the Sandbar & Grille. It had plenty of cars in the parking lot ... because they were all employees taking a class and the restaurant was closed.

Finally! A place that's actually open, the Quarterdeck Restaurant. But the staff must've been mostly out that day because the owner was actually there and took our order. Thank you, Tiffany!

Because of the false starts with the other two restaurants, we had to quickly eat and got back on the road, securing our place in line for the ferry to Ocracoke Island.

Soon it was 2:00 p.m. and time to drive aboard the free ferry to Ocracoke Island.

The ferry ride went on for an hour. The wind and cold kept us in the car or inside the lounge on the second floor.

As the ferry ride progressed, we noticed this strange oily film start to coat the windshield and windows. Is it sea foam? Is it oil? Exhaust? It took a few hard tries with the windshield wipers and fluid to get a clear view.

Driving from the ferry, the Ocracoke Island scenery went from sand swept desert dunes to forest woods. What an amazing place! It was like all of the cars from the ferry headed down the one and only road on the island to do what they came to do. We drove down to the British Cemetery at Ocracoke, a parcel of land deeded to the British for the soldiers of the HMT Bedfordshire.
The parcel of land is near a village cemetery, where I caught sight of this marker. In 1913, Augustus Abner McGuire died attempting to repair a ship's hull. Still over 100 years later, there are those who believe his spirit still haunts the area near where he was laid to rest.
After driving around in a circle, quite literally, we found the Ocracoke Island Light Station. 

We tried the door to get inside, but the broken knob simply turned and turned. That's okay. Not really looking forward to climb 200-plus steps today. After taking in the lighthouse and the surrounding buildings, we were ready to go back to the ferry.

Glad we got here around 20 minutes before the departure time of 4:30 p.m. We were almost out of room aboard the ferry after some tight fitting of cars.
Strangely, we got lined up behind the exact same SUV that we had came over with a few hours before. The wind continued to blow while the sun slowly sank into the waters next to us.

Driving off the ferry, we turned onto the road for 59 miles directly to Piggly Wiggly to get needed supplies. Getting to the RV we took off our shoes and relaxed after our busy day at Hatteras and Ocracoke on the Outer Banks.

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