Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 24 - The Lost Colony and The Lost Whiskas

Driving down the coast of Roanoke Island, we find Fort Raleigh which protects the land where the first English colonies landed in the Americas.

After watching a movie about the first English settlers, we explored the Museum.

After the Waterside Theatre, we walked through the woods down to the shore.

We came back to the RV with our box from PetSmart, a big box of Meow Mix. This was a risk, but we couldn't find the Whiskas that the kittehs love so much in the past two Walmarts we've been to. So it was either this or something else that we didn't know the cats would eat.

Putting a couple of servings on a plate and setting them over the cab, Zooey began eating heartily. Buddy took a tentative sniff, then began to ignore the food. Panic time! I pulled out the final Whiskas packet, pouring its contents onto a plate and set it in front of the finicky cat, who dug into it right away. Okay, so we need to find Whiskas packets. Back to the car!

First stop was Piggly Wiggly, which unfortunately didn't have what we needed.

Next stop, Food-O-Rama, which I'd never heard of before. Wasn't expecting much as we walked into the cat foot aisle. But smiling down from the top shelf was a familiar furry face. Jubilation rules the day!

My apologies to other finicky cat owners whose cats only eat these packets, but we took all four boxes of Whiskas up to the checkout counter, knowing that we were good for the next couple of weeks. I never thought cat food would be an issue on our trip, but today definitely proved me wrong.

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