Friday, March 9, 2018

Park #1: Eagles RV Park: March 2-8, 2018

Eagles RV Park: 11592 Jefferies Hwy, Walterboro, SC 29488 
March 2-8, 2018

When Jolly Acres didn't work out for us, we had to find someplace else. That place was the Eagle's RV Park.

When the owner drove off in his cart to show us where our spot was, I'd never have guessed where he lead us. At the end of a twisting path around other RVs, many I believe are full timers in the area, we had to back into our spot.

But our stay here was pretty quiet. We couldn't really hear any noise from the street or from our neighbors.

But as mentioned before, I don't really remember any new RVs coming in or leaving. We've been to a few places with a lot of people who were mainly living there. A few of those places had the feel of a mobile home park, while this place felt more wide open, more in nature. It was cold while we were here just because it wasn't quite spring yet, plus there was a winter storm affectign many of the coastal states. We did have a fire pit, but it was like the pits a lot of parks have, those rims from large trucks that can double as a pit. We just had to break out the electric blankets and do our best.

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