Wednesday, December 27, 2017

You're a Sick Man!

The sudden stuffy nose, the sinus pressure, the inability to sleep. Ah yes, the familiar trappings of coming down with something. I scan my recent memory. Was there anybody suspect I met? Any dens of sickness I recently visited? Alas, I can't pinpoint just where I got the cold now giving me a sinus headache at 3:00 in the morning. I get up, take two of the violently neon green generic Ny-Quil gelcaps, grab a roll of toilet paper then go back to sleep.

This morning was cold and overcast. I read on Facebook that a high school acquaintance had passed away. My head was still feeling the grip of sinus pressure. I take two violently neon orange generic Day-Quil gelcaps and go to Sapporo where I've heard you supposedly have to feed a cold. I have bowls of miso soup along with supplements and try to unplug my nose to no avail. 

Then we go to Walmart and shop for groceries. Afterwards, I tried getting my vaccine pill replacement. Bobby the pharmacist has me standing in the consultation corner while he's doing some kind of research on his computer. Apparently they have the medication, but they want to make absolutely certain I can't use the older pills that were left out of the fridge. 

It's amazing how easy it is to get things like tetanus and flu shots, but for less common vaccines it can take an amendment from Congress to get what you need. We had to get another prescription sent from the doctor, then tell Walmart what happened to the last set of pills. I take a business card and vow to come back later, hopefully when I'm not blowing my nose every 3 minutes.

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