Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip: Day 7 - White Castle / Weber's Pumpkin Festival / America Legacy Tours

We've often heard about the famed White Castle restaurant with over 420 locations across the Midwest, but we had never actually seen one in person, let alone ate at one. Well today is the day we changed all that.

The building does look like a castle! Inside we were trying to determine which combo to get.

Everything came in these little containers.

It wasn't really enough to get us full, so we ordered a sack of fries with the medium fish nibblers.

So now along with Krystal, we can say we've been to White Castle!

We even made our own castle (sort of).

A place we saw while driving around was the upcoming Weber Pumpkin Festival. There were tons of tents out in a large field and it looked pretty interesting. Plus it was happening this week, so we had to stop by and see what goes on at the Pumpkin Festival!

First of all, there were tons of people. The Pumpkin Festival is more like an October county fair. Just crowds of people wandering around with their families.

And you can't have a pumpkin festival without pumpkins, which the Pumpkin Festival has in huge amounts. You can even buy some to take home for your autumn decor.

They even had some advanced pumpkin carving going on.

There were also several tents for some of the over 150 vendors selling at the festival.


Hope you like fair food, because it gets hardcore over at the festival.

There was even a band playing on their stage.

After the band and walking past all the vendors, we walked around to the back of the Pumpkin Festival where all the carnival type rides were.

So that was the Weber Pumpkin Festival held yearly over a weekend in October that we just happened to be able to attend.

Back at the RV, we thought we could get one more big thing in for the weekend. It was a risk, but we decided to try for a ghost walking tour on a weekend. Ghost tours tend to be in larger cities, so it would be interesting trying to make our way around Cincinnati on a Saturday night.

Trying to find a parking garage was an exercise in aggrivation. We thought we found one we could use, only to find it's for a private event. We circled around, getting a nice view of Cincinnati, but also getting later and later past our appointment time of 6:00. We would have to reschedule to a later time if possible.

We found the office for American Legacy Tours where they begin their tours.

Inside we explained our situation and asked to be moved from the 6:00 to the 7:00. The only issue is that no one had signed up for the 7:00, thus the tour was cancelled. We were moved to the 8:00 tour where there were already more than 20 people. We would need to find something to do for the hour or so that we needed to wait until 8:00

Across the street was an interesting place, even though ice cream at the time didn't sound like it would be good because it was really cold. The wind was pushing the freezing wind through our winter gear. But inside Graeter's it felt warm enough to have a cone with some cookies & cream and some smores ice cream.

Around 7:40 we returned across the street to the tour office to wait the last few minutes there. More people began to arrive and we soon had our group ready to leave. Our two tour guides, Nick and Troy, led us out the door into the cold, windy night.

We followed the tour guide and his lantern as we moved en masse across sidewalks and crosswalks. Every so often the guide would turn around to make sure everyone was still in attendance. We would  reach a point where the guide would stop and we will fall in a semi circle around him.

After a story about a building was completed, the lantern was picked up once more and we headed out to our next location, the crowd falling behind.

Here is a series of apartments that have a haunted history. We all strain our necks looking up at the third floor, trying to see any telltale phantoms or apparitions.

Back on the path again. This time we find ourselves in what would seem like a nice park during the day. At night the story that is told is of unmoved gravesites that are still under our feet and grave robberies.

Back on the path again. Cars drive past, bumping along on cobblestone street.

We stop outside of the Cincinnati Music Hall where stories of spookiness abound.

After standing out in the cold, we breathed a sigh of relief as they led us into a garage where it was a bit warmer and protective from the wind.

But the warm stay could not last, as there was one more place that needed to be visited: the Symphony Hotel.

Imagine a group of 20 people walking into a hotel up the narrow old school staircase and out onto a balcony setting lit only by a few weak lights and a fire pit. Here the tour guide told us about the history of a room that he would actually be staying in that evening.

A Halloween decoration twists in the wind over the balcony.

Soon the story was over and we were out on the weekend Cincinnati streets again, this time without a group of people. We walked towards the parking lot where our car was, keeping a look out for anything suspicious. By the time we made it to the car, it was a great relief to turn the heater on and begin our drive out of Cincinnati. It was around 10:00 on Saturday night in a large city. That perhaps was the most frightening thing about the whole ordeal.