Saturday, May 26, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 3 - The Screamings of the Childrens

Yesterday was the arrival, a time of joy and mischief. Today I hear the crying of children in the woods behind us. I stay inside and rub anti-itch on my 4 to 5 puffy mosquito welts. The sky is getting darker and it's not just the setting sun. Rain clouds predicted to pour at Midnight have covered the skies to dampen Sunday morning and any scheduled activities, including the pancake breakfast. I look for the Cutter anti bug spray but can't locate it. Putting on a hoodie, I went outside to toss the trash and take pictures with the remaining light.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 2 - The Redemption of Applebee's and THE ARRIVAL

This morning was so quiet, so still and restful around the sunny RV park. I strolled from the dumpster to the front office where the owners sat at long, white folding tables making fluffy popcorn in a large square machine, shoveling scoops into paper bags for all the new arrivals coming today. "New arrivals," I think, and shudder.

I don't remember why we found Applebee's a lackluster experience last time. There was just something where if we saw an Applebee's it was just a cold solid *meh* from the two of us, lacking in both excitement and appetitization. (Is that even a word? No? It is now!) Maybe enough time had passed for us to give Applebee's another shot.

I have to say, the Applebee's experience this time around was pretty good! The fish and chips and BBQ tacos were excellent and the staff were courteous and attentive. I do believe Applebee's has some new regulars!

We needed some more items, so back to Wally World, running into those picking up foodstuffs and grilling implements. Whilst there we found out something strange. Walmart Pharmacy might not always remember your prescriptions, so keep bottles and paper prescriptions handy just in case you need something again in the future.

We return to the RV park, settling in as the sun began its decent on a quiet Friday afternoon. Except... it wasn't so quiet anymore. Once empty RVs now had vehicles parked in front. Neighbors to the left were banging on their old wooden porch with a hammer. Neighbor to the right was reprimanding his son. Then in the woods behind us, the screams of an indeterminate amount of children reenacting their own version of Lord of the Flies. It was like a cash prize was being offered to the loudest individual in the entire park. Begun, the Memorial Day Weekend has.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 1 - Shop We Must

The webernets which once seemed really quick are sluggish. Maybe it's all the trees around us. But they do provide lovely shade as well, making the summer sun more bearable. Memorial Day is fast approaching this Monday. Even though we have traveled far and are a bit travel weary, we must go shopping. We know this because we are out of soda.
I know, maybe not the way to say, "Yo Summer 2018, what's happening?" But we decided to take it a bit easier on the travel on our Summer/Winter stays, and our Spring/Fall trips are where we really go all out and see stuff. Plus it's probably going to rain this weekend and we want to avoid all the Memorial Day hoopla, so we're doing some shopping!

We were told by somebody that those Lancaster Amish were "too commercialized" and the families around here are the real deal. Walking from the parking lot to the front, I thought I was seeing things as a group of what looked like Amish climbed from the side of a white Plymouth minivan. They must be Mennonites, the group not as strict as the Amish. There's differences between the two, but I'm not certain what they all are.

The Walmart was a nice surprise. They had most of the things we were looking for and isn't that far from where we're staying, which is saying something when we've stayed at places where the closest store was 50 miles away and gas prices are higher. That's one thing we don't have to worry about!


Stays in Spring 2018:
3/2/18   - Park #1: Eagles RV Park - Walterboro, SC
3/9/18   - Park #2: Lee State Park - Bishopville, SC
3/13/18 - Park #3: Four Oaks RV Park - Four Oaks, NC
3/17/18 - Park #4: Moonlight RV Park and Cottages - New Bern, NC
3/22/18 - Park #5: The Refuge on Roanoke Island - Wanchese, NC
3/31/18 - Park #6: Chippokes Plantation State Park - Surry, VA
4/4/18   - Park #7: Pocahontas State Park - Chesterfield, VA
4/11/18 - Park #8: Waynesboro North 340 Campground - Waynesboro, VA
5/11/18 - Park #9: Western Village RV Park - Carlisle, PA
5/23/18 - Park #10 - Shippenville, Pennsylvania

Our 84-day Spring 2018 has come to a close! We made our destination from Georgia to Pennsylvania that we planned in Barnes & Noble seemingly so long ago. Luckily there were no incidents (besides a slight repair at the start of March). Wait! What am I saying?! Our clutch went out and we spent 2 hours waiting to be towed! But ASIDE from that, not too many problems.

Joseph Manigault House / Hayward Washington House / The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon
Bell Tower Dorchester / Drayton Hall / UFO Welcome Center
Fort Sumter / Prince Williams Parrish Church / Kershaw House

Lee State Park / General Thomas Sumter Gravesite / Ava Gardner Museum
Tobacco Farm Life Museum / Birthplace of Pepsi-Cola / Tryon Palace
New Berns Fireman Museum / Wright Brothers Memorial / Currituck Lighthouse

Fort Raleigh Roanoke Island Colony / Cape Hatteras Lighthouse / Ocracoke Island Light Station
Digger's Dungeon / Bob's Grill / Bodie Island Lighthouse
Chippokes Plantation / American Revolution Museum at Yorktown / Jamestown Settlement

Peter-Chippokes Farm & Forestry Museum / St. John's Church / Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Steinlen Cat Exhibit VMFA / Faberge Exhibit VMFA / Mount Vernon
Appomattox Court House / Luray Caverns / Montpellier

Purple Cow Ice Cream Parlor / Frontier Culture Museum / Yankee Horse Ridge
Monticello / Intercourse Road Sign, Lancaster County / Amish Experience
Pygmy Goats Kitchen Kettle Village / Sachs Covered Bridge / Ramps Covered Bridge

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

RV PARK #9: Western Village RV Park - May 11-22, 2018

Western Village RV Park
200 Greenview Drive, Carlisle, PA 17015

7 1/2 miles per hour speed limit. We creep slowly over the gravel heading to our spot on Earp Street. The park is bigger than I first imagined. It's divided by streets with western themed names.

The front office has the standard items for sale for your RVing needs. Across from the main office is a video game arcade that unfortunately we never got to try out due to the rainy weather, But I do think I saw a Skeeball machine and Crazy Taxi in there...

Along with the video arcade, they also have a miniature golf course. But like the arcade, rainy weather kept it from being fully used.

If that's not enough for the whole family, how about their swimming pool?

And then something I had never seen before at an RV park, a giant jumpy pillow type...thing. Access is limited to the weekend, I believe, and may constitute a cost if you decide to try it out. Also I think it's geared more towards the younger, less heavy amongst us. No bouncy pillow for me.

Not to be outdone by any family friendly RV park, they are adding a sandpit. When we were there it was an open field. Then after much hammering, a six-sided low wooden edifice was created. We wondered what it was for, until a mound of sand was dumped approximately 20 feet away. By the time the summer crowds arrive, there will be a bit of beach paradise close to the laundry room and swimming pool.

Now down to the spots. The RVs staying short term seem to be set up front near the office. Being a longer term stay at nearly two weeks, we were further along near the back on Earp Street, which is where the swimming pool, laundry room, bouncy whatchamacallit and soon to be completed sandpit is.

All spots have full hookups, along with a tire rim fire pit and picnic table. The sites are stoney gravel type spots with minimal leveling needed. There are trees around the area and also short walking paths.

If you don't have an RV but would still like to stay, they do have a set of small cabins available

So if you want an RV park that is semi-woodsy that has things for kids to enjoy, I've never seen an RV park pack in the activities like Western Village has. However, the converse is also true. If you'd like some peace and quiet, I'm guessing this place goes crazy around holidays where families bring their kids out in their RVs.

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 84 - DRIVING DAY: Carlisle, PA to Shippenville, PA

Leaving Western Village RV Park in Carlisle, PA to our Summer 2018 stop in Shippenville, PA
Starting milage: 77230.7 = Ending milage: 77443.0 = Total distance driven:  212.3 miles

Our trip was a bit extended today as we pushed to get to our final stop on our Spring 2018 tour after 84 days from being on the road. Some of the hills were crazy, at one point a sign told us we were at the highest point on the 80 Highway. Plus, I've never seen so many dead deer on the side of the road. I think the count was up to 10 in our 200-plus mile journey.

We were down to an almost empty gas tank. We tried out a Pilot station, but couldn't quite get the RV into their narrow spots. Driving a few miles further there was a Flying J which had nice wide open spots for the RV. We're still a bit taken aback by the gas prices. Taxes are configured much differently than in the southern states.

When we made it to Shippenville, they walked us through backing in, kind of similar to Riverhouse Acres a year ago. After getting all the connections, we headed into town for food. Also similar to Pagosa Springs in Colorado, there was a brewery that had really good food. We had to get change for the parking meters, though. 25 cents per hour! Their pub type food was really good, including their giant pretzel which we had to bring home.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring 2018 Trip: Day 83 - Recon Suave

After eating at Aya Japanese Steakhouse, we did a bit of recon on the drive we'll be making. After mapping out a plan we think will work, we came back to take some photos of the RV park. I was pretty surprised to see this on the back of an RV. Now those are some cat people!