Monday, June 11, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 18-19 - The Rainiest Rain That Ever Rained

The rain has been assaulting the top of the RV, making it hard to get my daily walk in. Overcast days aren't very fun. Just wanting to go outside and do something instead of haning inside the RV.

On Monday the rain let up, so we went to Sakura Buffet. We may be overdoing the Sakura Buffet and have to give it a rest. Then over to buy some supplies. Wish there was something more exciting about the past couple of days. Just seems like it's been walking and working and not much else.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 17 - The French and Indian War Interrupts Our Hiking

It was a nice day, a day only slightly tinged with rain. So we thought we would celebrate this Saturday by going to the Sakura buffet. During Sakura we discussed various walking trails and Clara knew of one we could take. The only thing is when we got to Cook County State Park, the parking lot was full and lots of people were hanging out. What exactly did we walk into?
In the forest, we heard the blast of musket fire followed with someone speaking over a loudspeaker about what was occurring in the battle. This was a reenactment of the French and Indian War beign held over Saturday and Sunday. 
The volleys of muskets flew and then the soldiers would move forward and repeat their firing process, finally completing with a raise of their muskets and firing with plumes of smoke and booming explosions. While interesting, I don't think we could take too much of it without proper hearing protection.

Driving back to the RV park, we saw this little ice cream place that we noticed on the way to Cook County. We pulled over and had a look at the building, sitting beside an empty miniature golf course. Inside, around four listless teenagers looked up at us from behind the counter. Walking over, we ordered a vanilla and chocolate soft serve. Sitting at a table, we took in the small arcade, the birthday party room, the rack of colored balls for the miniature golf. Soon we were ready to hit the road again, stuffed with ice cream.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 15-16: Sakura and Supplies / Applebee's with Family

It's shopping time again, so we drive over to our new buffet place. It used to be Sweet Basil, but I feel that it has taken a backseat to Sakura Buffet. Sakura definitely has much more to offer than Sweet Basil. They offer pizza (sort of) and salad, although not really any Italian pasta. I've gotten into the habit of having lots of salad, but with the slight no-no of thousand island dressing and bacon bits. It's almost like Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes that we miss so much.

The next day some traveling family members drove through on an extensive trip through Pennsylvania. We met up at the place we thought would be easiest to find from the I-80, and that is Applebee's. It was strange seeing them in this new state that we all happened to find ourselves in. We got to catch up on old stories and new situations. And by the time they took to the road, we were glad they stopped by Shippenville on their way to Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 14 - Punxsutawney Phil and Gobblers Knob

Walking around the campground this morning, they were resurfacing the hill that leads to the lower section. Today, even though it's still a bit overcast, it's time to take a trip to Punxsutawney and see Phil the Groundhog and the location of his yearly weather reveal.

Punxsy Phil's is a really good family diner type restaurant in Punxsutawney with something for everyone. They serve breakfast all day, although I went with a chicken salad sandwich.

From lunch at Punxsy Phil's, we were driving to our next stop when we saw this amazingly large sign that made us pull over. Punxsy Phil is really big here!

Driving around the Punxsutawney Memorial Library, we parked in the Civic Center, where the library and Phil's Burrow is located.

Phil's Burrow: Where the famed groundhog spends the time when not predicting the weather or doing other civic events throughout the year.

Through the tinted windows you can see Phil and his living quarters. There are a few silver dishes filled with vegetables for when it's Phil's dinnertime. The only thing is that the main groundhog himself was taking a long nap in his stacked stone home, so we didn't get a photo of him, although we did see his back half in the darkness of the cave.

We walked around the courtyard, including a bandstand that was erected in the 1930s. We made our way back to Phil's burrow, but he was still snoozing. Guess we'll have to wait for February 2nd to get a good look at him.

Our next stop is Gobblers Knob, the actual place where on the early morning on February 2nd, people gather to see if Phil will see his shadow and predict six more weeks of winter.

Can you believe it? Behind me in the distance is the stage where Phil puts on his performance yearly.

Imagine, this whole area gets filled with people in the freezing cold waiting for the sun to rise. But at this moment there was no one around. Just someone mowing the lawn far away.

Knocking on Phil's door to see if he's home. The stump has a metal top that many persons have carved their names into.

Phil's door is completely unlocked, but there's not much to see inside.

A view from the stage looking out onto the lawn.

Walking from the stage as another family arrived to take their own tour, we walked back to the buildings on the edge of the clearing. There was this strange building that looked like a numbered stalls. Is this for news crews to set up? There doesn't seem to be that much space.

And behind a gate is a path that you can take filled with projects from a welding class. There are yearly contributions featuring Phil at the head of a train, flying a plane, and many other creative works.

The path makes a loop that leads you from the stage clearing to the parking area.

Back to the entrance, caught a sign for Gobbler's Knob.

And here is the sign describing the rituals and history of Groundhog Day. It was great to see this ineresting place for ourselves, as well as seeing it in a much warmer month. February? No. June. Yes!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 13 - Musty Blanket Blues

Justt when you think you're out, they pull you back in! Thought we had warm weather for the rest of the spring and summer, but it's been dipping into the low 50s recently. Time to break out ye olde electric blanket from the top cabinets again. The only thing is condensation tends to build up in cabinets in the RV. So when we pulled out the electric blanket, it had this old house smell to it. We've tried a mixture of water and lemon juice sprayed from a bottle to try and freshen it up. It's been better since we've had it out. Just thinking of how to prevent future musty blankets in the future.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 12 - Drive to DuBois, PA

Since the weather is a bit nicer today, decided to take a trip over to DuBois. On the on ramp, a truck was blocking the roadway. After he got out and spoke to the mixing truck ahead of us, they stayed parked there for what seemed like 10 minutes. Finally they started moving onto the freeway. We never found out why they stopped in the road like that.

Japan One in DuBois, PA. The parking was small and packed. The only spot was between two Honda Accords parked close together.

It was pretty busy inside so we had to wait a bit for the udon and teriyaki chicken. They put quite a bit of veggies in the udon, though.

We were still snacky, so we stopped by a McDonald's on the way back and had some fries. When we got home, realized that one of the cats threw up on my ergonomic keyboard, making the shift key and other things wonky on it. I don't think I've had a keyboard last more than a year since we've been on the road.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer 2018: Day 11 - Chillin' On A Weekend

The rain came today, hopefully luring away any bears in the area. We saw a huge ant in the RV, so we busted out the rest of the Terro traps around the tires. Summer always brings some type of infestation. Yep, just another day to hang out at the RV and relax with the cats!