Monday, November 12, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip: Day 30 - Wow, It Gets Cold Here!

Was it this cold in California? Maybe a couple days a year. But we get it for weeks, nay, months on this side of the country. Spoiled, spoiled me! The plan was to take a bit of a break for a couple of weeks from our rigorous tour schedule. That plan has come to include trips to Barnes & Noble and to a lesser extent Books-A-Million due to their diminished pastry selection. Have to admit, I enjoy the routine of reading at the cafe. Instead of finding the entrance to a new attraction or point of interest, a quick outing can consist of finding a table at a B&N or Starbucks and reading for a few hours.

The weather here in the Cornersville area has been dipping into freezing territory these past few nights, making us corral the 50-ft hose into the shower, which is never a fun task as it covers the shower with outside dirt and mung. Another consideration are the black and gray tanks which could possibly freeze if we're not careful. A trip to Walmart provided us with the 2.5 gallons of the powerful pink substance that will be going down the drain in the not too distant future.

Walking out from Walmart with our 2.5 gallons of pink antifreeze. It's a special kind of antifreeze. Don't you be putting that Prestone or other automobile antifreze in your RV tanks, oh no. 
Not sure how to end this post... A photo from the inside of a Pilot bathroom stall while visiting family members. Good night!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip: Day 24 - Surviving the Storm

A knock on the door Tuesday night at the RV park. Due to still being in the RV, I was standing above the RV owner who had just signed us in that Sunday. He was going door to door warning people about the tornado warning and to take shelter, if needed, in the tractor barn on the other side of the park. Tractor barn didn't sound to inviting, but I thanked him for letting us know.

Though there was some wind and rain, really nothing compared to what we thought might be coming our way. We took a walk around the park and it seemed as though nothing was really affected. Now the weather concern is a series of cold evenings dipping into the 20s starting this Friday. Hope we can survive the weather we seemed to have dropped into!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip: Day 22 - Driving Day: Cave City, KY to Cornersville, TN

The day started in the morning, as most tend to do. The last dark vestiges of night fled behind the metal roof of the old barn in the field. Flee, night, flee!

But soon the day was bright and it was time to get everything packed away to hit the road. I wondered why it was so early. I had forgotten that Daylight Saving ended and we were an hour back, so we were ahead of schedule.

A look back at our spot during the last few days. No one else stayed at the park that we could see. It was just us all alone the entire time, a really nice experience.

Taking a last look at the campground, we hit the road driving down to the freeway and heading down the I-65. We needed some gas and found a Flying J on an offramp. As we pulled in, we found these pumps to the side that luckily dispensed unleaded gas, so we didn't have to try squeezing in at the pumps.

Getting out of a gas station can be a bit tricky. You study the layout and all the cars, then you just have to go for it and play it by ear. There have been a few times we've had to unhook the car because I misjudged a turn and ended up stuck somewhere.

Getting out of the parking lot, we were able to get to the Texas Tea Campground. It was a strange feeling returning to a campground we've stayed at earlier. When we parked the RV, we could see the first place we had stayed off in the distance.

As a celebration for making it to our destination, we went over to Fujiyama.

Nothing a little orange chicken and tempura can't solve!

We were able to pay a visit to family and get attacked by some of their cats. Here we're greeted by Callie Mae wondering who these strangers are in her house. All in all, a great driving day!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip: Day 20 - Diamond Caverns, Park City, Kentucky

This morning wasn't too cold, but there was quite a bit of condensation in the RV on the windows and hatches.

Washed our hair and took out the trash. Saw a few vehicles that I'm guessing have been here for a while.

We chose a time to head out to the Historic Diamonds Caverns which wasn't far away from the campsite.

We actually saw a cat in someone's SUV!

Inside the lobby, you can have a look around the other signs for caverns around the country.

Plus there's the gift shop which will sell you bags of dirt!

Soon it was time for our guide, Sarah, to lead us down into the caverns.

Here Sarah is explaining where the original entrance to the caverns were.

You may want to wear a hood or a hat as the cave will occasionally drip water on top of you. Here drops of water fall on a stone.

At one point we were shown pieces that had been broken off of parts of the cave. Diamond Caverns was involved in the Cave Wars in the early 1900s where proprietors of other caves would sneak in and destroy parts of caverns and burn down buildings to sabotage other caves in the area to increase their own number of visitors. In 1961, a federal law was enacted to criminalize defacing of these caverns, but for now the history can still plainly be seen.

Sarah led us to a small stone alter in the middle of the cavern. Turns out they used to hold weddings in this space.

Also the cavern tour used to end here, but a wall was taken down that made the path twice as long as previously.
The path involved uphill hikes like this, but there wasn't as many tight squeezes as I remember Mammoth Cave having.

Water pours down a rock wall.

Soon we reached the end, which was a proposed second entrance and exit that was never finished. So we have to turn around and walk the way we came in order to leave Diamond Caverns.

A look at the stairs to enter and exit Diamond Caverns

Sarah comes back through the entrance as the tour through Diamond Caverns is concluded. We put our names in the guestbook and then make our way back to the parking lot.

The quest to find food continues. Samurai was rumored to have Korean food, but they mainly had Japanese food.

Hibachi chicken lunch special.

In the same strip mall was the M&K Asian Grocery. We had a walk around, but they were woefully absent of a lot of the snacks we normally would look for. We left without scoring any Asian snacks.

Well, since we're in Bowling Green, why not a return trip to the Barnes & Noble we had been at yesterday? Trying the caramel brulee frappiccihno.
A flier left on the windshield. Wish I could've been psychic about the after effects of having a pizzarito just the day before. Did you know not all Barnes & Noble have toilet seat covers? Just something to keep in mind.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip: Day 19 - Bowling Green, Kentucky

The winds were really strong in the morning, rocking the RV. Occasionally we'd get sprinkles on the roof. We got up in time to make some chicken noodle soup for a cold day.

Since it wasn't raining the bucketloads that the weather reports were predicting for Thursday, we thought maybe we could pop out and do something nearby. Well, Cave City really doesn't have much to do, but 30 miles away in the town of Bowling Green there are a few more options, including a Barnes & Noble.

It's been a few months since we've had a chance to hit up a Barnes & Noble. Going inside is always a bit of sensory overload.

We settled down in the cafe with some old favorites, red velvet cheesecake and a cookie. For some reason a bit of the frosting was missing on the top of the cheesecake. What's up with that?
Wandering around the store having a look at everything. It's sometimes difficult to keep your focus while at a B&N.
When we were finished, we were contemplating going to White Castle to see if they might possibly have fish nibblers. We tried giving them a call but no response. We decided to take a chance anyway and drive down.

Well, the bad news is that they didn't have fish nibblers either. But the good news is that the manager was able to explain why certain White Castle locations only had fish nibblers during Lent. During the 40 days of lent, fish nibblers tend to sell more while some people are giving up meat, I guess. It's strange because that one place in Indiana were having them year round.

We had to take back the fish sliders when they turned up with cheese, but they were nice enough to give us some extra fries for the mistake. So that makes three White Castle locations so far. But without fish nibblers, what's our incentive to try to find other ones? At least from March 6th to April 18th, which is Lent in 2019.